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Uber clone app development

Your customers would love it. They will keep coming back again and again.
Any languages
Tourists from other countries and locals will be able to order a taxi.
Tariff selection
The user sees at once the entire line of tariffs when creating an order, selects a tariff by scrolling right-left
Referral system
The most effective and cheapest way to promote: the client receives a code, shares it with friends and receives bonuses when his code is used
Payment by card
The client will be able to quickly link his bank card in the application.
One click order
It is easy for customers to create an order and they use the application more often.
Tariff increase indicator
You will be able to inform customers about the tariff increase.

Taxophone - iOS & Android Uber Clone App

Hail cabs through the app by pressing on a car closest to you.
Book a ride now or later.
Type in pickup address or drag and drop your location on map, or simply click "Pick Me Up Here".
Save your favorite places for easier booking next time.
Fare and time estimates before you book.
Choose specific options for your trip (vehicle type, payment type etc).
Booking confirmation pop-up.
Track your taxi on the map to see it moving to your location in real time.
Trip and receipt history for past rides.
Rate the driver and comment on your experience.

Uber clone app for taxi business Taxophone

The referral code system operates on the "invite a friend" principle and attracts new customers from social networks without additional advertising costs.
Inform customers about promotions and new services using push notifications in the app and encourage them to order again from you.
Reduce the operator's order-taking burden. The more orders you receive from users of the mobile application, the more you save on operator wages. 300-400 orders from the application per day will reduce one workplace.
Analyze the actions of app users with AppMetrica analytics. Reveal customer preferences and make the right decisions about launching advertising campaigns and bonus systems, adjust promotion actions.
Build a modern business image that applies new technologies. The application will be used by active and busy people who value speed and convenience.
The mobile application is updated 4-5 times a year, more often than other developers. New features are constantly appearing

Uber clone software

uber clone ios
We have studied the best Russian and European applications and have developed the most friendly and concise interface. It is easily adaptable to any language of the audience and is understandable for users of any age.
uber clone ios app
Professional designers work on the design of all elements of the application. They think over the structure of the application, the appearance of the screens, come up with the form and color selection of elements, draw icons.
uber clone app development
A unique taxi app development is both expensive and not always justified. We suggest taking our application adapted and tested on a large number of clients, as it allows you to attract orders and contributes to the earnings of the business as a whole.

Uber clone app development from scratch is not profitable for business

uber clone software
Application TaxoPhone is an up-to-date application for taxi, clone of Uber. Uber clone application with your logo that is easy to be put in operation and to be scaled-up. The Mobile application has been already tested and is used by more than 1000 taxi services all over the world.
A lot of managers of taxi services apply with an idea of development of the Uber clone software from scratch. Soon they realize that such development takes much time and money.
We propose to use our ready application TaxoPhone. It already contains all functions of Uber and of the other popular taxi services. Development of Uber clone application took several years and we are still keeping and improving the processes and functions of application.
When purchasing our application you get 2 versions: Android and Apple. Our specialists will set it up in accordance with your requirements: company colors, logo, tariffs, additional parameters to orders. After this, the ready unique application will be downloaded to services App Store and Google Play. Additionally, you will get basic optimization that will help the applications to be indexed and accessible for searching by users.

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