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Taxi-Master solutions focused on your brand
Experience technically supreme fleet management
Reduce dispatcher staff
  • With smart automation, orders are processed within 15 seconds and automatically assigned to drivers.
  • A voice robot can receive orders instead of a dispatcher.
Get a mobile app
  • Bonus system to stimulate repeat orders
  • Implementation of any tariffs
  • Payment by card, bonuses or cash
  • Multilingual interface
Attract drivers
  • Priority system
  • Variety of driver shifts
  • Fair auto assignment of orders
  • Payment for shifts by card
Discover new business niches
  • Start under a new brand on the same software
  • Launch a delivery and moving service
Individual configuration of the software package in compliance with your requirements
  • Telephony
  • Pre-orders management
  • Bonus system
  • Integration with external systems, API
  • Fleet management
  • Cashless payment
  • Full support 24/7

We update all components of our software 3 times more often than other developers do. In 2020, we released 4 major updates, which include over 100 new features.
Get a branded mobile app customized for your taxi company
Custom client's app that best suits the needs of your taxi company. Your customers would love it. They will keep coming back.
Stand out among the rest taxi companies and aggregators with smart design and flexible settings.
mobile app Taxi-Master
Mobile apps like Uber
Mobile apps for passengers and drivers
Branded сustomer app
Your city, your fleet, your language, your logo, your brand.
Payment by card
The passenger pays for the trip with a card, bonuses or cash.
One click order
The passenger orders a taxi in one click. The driver accepts the order in one click, without calling the dispatch office.
+100 different languages
Mobile applications and other software components are translated into any language.
Chat between driver and passenger
Saves the dispatcher's time to clarify the order. It is convenient to specify the place.
Driver ratings
Polite drivers get more expensive orders.
Driver solutions
Use our tools to hire, motivate and control drivers
Convenient algorithms for automatic distribution of orders
By the rating of drivers, the number of orders they completed, distance from the order, give orders to queue, etc.
Rising tariffs will help motivate drivers
If there are a lot of orders, the tariff can be automatically increased to motivate drivers to work more actively.
Priority system
Motivates drivers to take inconvenient orders, work during peak hours and weekends in order to get access to expensive and convenient orders. This encourages drivers to follow the service rules.
Comfortable shifts for drivers
Each driver chooses a convenient shift option, pays for it online and starts work at any time of the day.
Mobile app for your drivers
The Taxi-Master software package, in addition to a convenient mobile application for passengers, also has a modern functional application for accepting orders by drivers
mobile app for the work of drivers in a taxi company
Automated taxi dispatch system
Reduce the cost of maintaining dispatchers
Use a voice robot, Telegram bot, business card site, widgets in social networks, a mobile application.
Work with corporations
Corporate clients order a taxi themselves through a convenient web service Client Account.
Reduce office costs
Dispatchers will be able to work from home. The service will be able to settle in a smaller office and reduce rental payments.
All data about passengers, trips, calls are available to the manager at any time in the web service — Analytics Account.
Reduce costs with automation taxi system
Maxim Galimov talks about how to create an efficient taxi company like Uber.
The taxi industry is under the pressure of aggregators, such as Uber or Lyft. In Europe, there are other players, in Russia it is Yandex.Taxi. You're in the taxi automation business for a long time. Tell us how a taxi company may compete with aggregators? Or, in other words, how to be as effective as Uber?
Maxim Galimov from Taxi-Master company
Web apps
Taxi management system
Company account
For work and quick connection of remote dispatchers.
Client account
Standalone interface for your Business customers to manage their employee rides with scheduled timetables and much more.
Analytics account
Web service for analyzing data on orders, calls, trips, drivers and passengers.
Partner account
Web service for working with branches and external contractors.
Software for new taxi services
Taxi-based delivery
Deliver goods from shops, pharmacies and cafes by taxi company cars. Drivers receive such orders in their application, operators can control routes to delivery addresses.
Moving service
Open a cargo delivery service under a different brand and with different phone numbers to get additional profit in a new niche.
Taxi branch
Open branches of the taxi company in other cities without restrictions within the same software package. Launch one or more services under different brands in your hometown.
Deliver goods from shops, pharmacies and cafes by taxi company cars. Drivers receive such orders in their application, operators can control routes to delivery addresses.
Taxi-based delivery
Software for new taxi services
Open a cargo delivery service under a different brand and with different phone numbers to get additional profit in a new niche.
Moving service
Open branches of the taxi company in other cities without restrictions within the same software package. Launch one or more services under different brands in your hometown.
Taxi branch
Why choose us?
3500 clients worldwide
Taxi companies in 16 countries of the world operate
on our software
19 years
We develop software for taxi business
140 employees
Work in the development, testing, technical support, implementation and customer support departments
Benefits with Taxi-Master
Flexible configuration of functionality
The standard functionality of the software already covers 95% of the needs of our clients. Hundreds of settings allow you to implement any of your business processes.
Personal improvements
Everything that you have not found in the software, we implement through additional scripts: tariffs, auto assignment, rules for calculating bonuses, telephony scenarios and much more.
Advanced API for advanced features
Taxi-Master API is a software interface that allows other services and systems to interact with Taxi-Master. The API helps to integrate Taxi-Master with the service's CRM system, 1C program, payment terminals for drivers, service website.
Feedback on the Taxi-Master
"ABC taxi" company
Vyacheslav Shchukin, head of the IT department.
Hurghada city, Egypt
"Until 2013-2014, the mobile application from the previous developer was good, it suited us as a company and customers. Further, when the market began to change, develop, this application has not been updated for ten years. Basically, that's why we switched to Taxi-Master, because you have a taxi book app, and it is not only for show - we can customize it, it has functionality that is important for us. "
Taxi "EliteTrans"
"Over the past 3-4 years, we have lost ground very strongly, because we did not have a mobile app android taxi and we could not develop together with the market. For the last 6 years we have been working with another company, we are not satisfied with everything there and we decided to switch to Taxi-Master. We were not satisfied that there was no cashless payment, and most importantly, the client application, taxi operatin system, apps cab. We changed the software and found everything we need in Taxi-Master "
Taxi «Suncar»
"This is our second year with Taxophone - app for ride. Pros - you can create an order in 2 clicks. We recently added a function - select orders from history and add orders to favorites, this allows you to quickly create a new order. Cons, for me - too much animation - cars move, windows pop up, but this is purely individual "
Taxi "Lux"
"We opened a long time ago, since 2014 we have been working. We were one of the first taxi companys clone uber. With the exception of local street taxi drivers, they worked without radios, without any means of communication. And in general, it is not clear how they worked. We started working right away with the software with apps taxis. For the first 2 months we tried many different software and stopped at Taxi-Master "
Taxi «ABC Taxi»
Software for taxi companies
Every month more than 10 taxi companies change their software to Taxi-Master. Here are the popular reasons for the change
Your current software slows down the development of the taxi company
Whereas Taxi-Master publishes 2-3 updates annually, each containing more than 100 new features for the taxi business.
You need a Taxi app like Uber
Taxi companies find it difficult to compete with aggregators and networkers for the growing share of mobile orders from year to year.

In the mobile application from Taxi-Master, 1-2 new versions are released every year, each one includes breakthrough solutions that allow competing with aggregator applications.
Not satisfied with the quality of service
It is difficult to get help from technical support at any time of the day, there is no regular communication with a personal manager.

At Taxi-Master, technical support is available 24/7 on weekdays, weekends and holidays.
Price rental program
— Mobile app for passenger
— Web apps
— Software package
— 10 driver connection
— 2 operator workplaces
— Remote implementation
First month
— Mobile app for passenger
— Web apps
— Software package
— 35 driver connection
— 5 operator workplaces
— Remote implementation
First month
— Mobile app for passenger
— Web apps
— Software package
— 120 driver connection
— 10 operator workplaces
— Remote implementation
First month
Other months
Other months
Other months
Property price
— Software package
— Unlimited driver connection
— 2 operator workplaces
— Software package
— Unlimited driver connection
— 2 operator workplaces
— Mobile application for passengers
— Software package
— Unlimited driver connection
— Unlimited connection of operators
— Mobile application for passengers
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